Llewellyn (“Lew”) Morgan Toulmin
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Dr. Llewellyn “Lew” Toulmin is an expert with 40+ years of experience in telecommunications, ICTs, rural development, management analysis and change management. 

He holds a PhD in utility economics and public administration, and has worked for the World Bank, USAID and other donors in 30 developing countries on all major continents.  He served as a Principal at the consultancy of Booz-Allen-Hamilton for 15 years, and managed over 50 overseas consulting projects with budgets up to $10 M USD.

Lew has published in respected and refereed professional and academic journals and trained over 2400 students.  While advising the Republic of Vanuatu Prime Minister’s Office for three years in telecommunications and e-government, he helped the country win a prestigious UN/ITU award for “ICTs in Sustainable Development.” 

Selected Achievements / Experiences:

  • Senior Advisor to Chief Information Officer of Vanuatu (for 3 years):
    Developed standards and guidelines for the CIO, helped to bring in the first successful undersea fiber optic cable linking Vanuatu to the world, developed ICT strategic plans in a number of areas. Produced over 1000 docs (memos, contract reviews, press releases etc.) for the CIO. Lew’s actions contributed to Vanuatu winning a prestigious United Nations and International Telecommunications Union "Award for ICTs in Sustainable Development".

  • E-government project in Indonesia: 
    Senior Advisor in a World Bank project to evaluate the urban and rural telecoms and e-government status, needs and future of the Government of Indonesia.   This effort involves the analysis of telecoms and e-government trends and best practices world-wide, the assessment of computer and Internet penetration in the GoI, the assessment of the readiness of the country to support an "information society" long term development plan, and the drafting of pilot projects for major ministries and some local governments.  This effort also included an analysis of the change management strategies employed by countries and institutions in Singapore, South Korea and other regional role models, so that these strategies could be adapted to Indonesia.

  • Setting up a telecommunications regulatory body in Ghana:
    Project Manager on an effort in Ghana to set up a government telecommunications regulatory body from scratch.  This effort focused on designing an organizational structure, creating regulatory procedures, and creating a regulatory environment that will encourage private investment.  This effort also involved reviewing the country’s rural telecoms plan, spectrum management system and frequency allocations, making recommendations for substantially upgrading these areas, and for installing a knowledge management and IT system for the new body.

  • Telecoms reform in southern Africa:
    Senior Advisor on a USAID effort to evaluate a large telecoms reform effort in southern Africa.  This effort involved most of the 15 countries in the region, and provided them with legal/regulatory advisors and technical assistance in the areas of telecommunications legal drafting and privatization.  A major focus of the effort was on increasing rural telecoms penetration.

  • Qualifications:

  • Philosophy Doctorate in Public Administration and Public Policy Economics (Ph.D.), American University, Washington, DC, with honors (Recipient of the Nothman Award)

  • Master in Public Administration and Financial Management, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

  • Bachelor in Political Science and Sociology, Eckerd College, Florida

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