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Sectors that Benefit from Our Solutions

Technology companies and other digital ecosystem stakeholders

Technology companies and other digital ecosystem stakeholders

We assist technology companies to identify and resolve public policy and regulatory go-to-market challenges enabling them to take advantage of opportunities, manage public policy and regulatory risks, and navigate the overall government landscape.

National government policy makers and regulatory authorities

National government policy makers and regulatory authorities

We assist national government policy makers and regulatory authorities to design digital legislation, policies and regulatory frameworks that achieve their objectives in developing their digital infrastructure, services and markets, to attract the investment required to serve the needs of their citizens.

Intergovernmental organizations and industry associations

Intergovernmental organizations and industry associations

We assist intergovernmental organizations and industry associations to have a deeper understanding of digital public policy and regulatory trends, to formulate best practice and guidance for their members and other stakeholders, helping their members resolve public policy and regulatory challenges.


Arab Regional ICT ecosystem gap analysis for the ITU Arab Regional Office

The objectives of the project included analysing 22 countries in the Arab Region - identifying gaps within the ICT ecosystem and aligning those gaps with the 10 thematic priority areas identified by the ITU. The project provided the Arab Regional Office of the ITU with an overview of needs at both national and regional levels to support the future programming and help in developing a dynamic digital economy in the Arab Region.

COVID-19 industry support programme for the International Telecommunication Union (UN)
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Set up a COVID-19 industry support programme for the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union. It included a launch (in less than a week) of the Global Network Resiliency Platform (REG4COVID) to enable policy makers, regulators and industry to exchange experiences in keeping networks resilient and services available. With support from Saudi Arabia and Japan, ITU also launched the Connect2Recover initiative to reinforce national digital infrastructures in the wake of COVID-19.    

Boost for the ICT sector development in Vanuatu

Provided broad policy support to the Vanuatu Government. Resulting National ICT Policy was regarded as “a genuinely historic achievement” (Pacific Institute of Public Policy). The country’s first submarine cable led to 70% decrease in Internet prices within less than a year. A revised Universal Access Policy helped achieve 98.8% of the total population coverage. Support contributed to Vanuatu winning a prestigious United Nations and International Telecommunication Union “Award for ICTs in Sustainable Development.”

Enabling transformation of E-Government and ICT infrastructure in Vietnam

Supported the Vietnamese Government in the evaluation of its e-Government and ICT policies and actual development, through in-country research and interviews with senior officials, including Deputy Prime Minister. A Road Map for Change Management and a Project Concept Document were produced. This effort paved the way to an $80 million assistance package to address Government’s needs in telecommunications, G2G and G2C information flow, as well as other ICT and associated human capacity development requirements.

Support to the restructuring of the Egyptian telecom sector

Managed a $10.6 million USAID-funded strategy, organization and management effort to establish a national telecom policy, identify FDI opportunities, research the rural telecoms penetration plan, establish a competition policy, devise privatization options, set up a national regulatory agency, and provide training to the staff. This effort also involved an analysis of the IT needs of the national telecommunications operator and developing an outline of the laws required to modernize the telecommunications sector.

Clearing of regulatory and policy hurdles for a digital platform and business transformation for VEON

Through interaction with regulatory and other public authorities cleared regulatory and public policy obstacles to the launch of VEON Personal Internet Platform (integrating messaging, content, marketplace and self-care for telecommunications consumers) and a number of global business transformation projects across the group’s footprint in Europe, North Africa, Central as well as South Asia. Also developed a group-wide digital policy strategy (including on data protection, cybersecurity, digital financial services).

Connect 2020 Agenda and Strategy for the International Telecommunication Union (UN)
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Supported the adoption at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 of Connect 2020 Agenda, the first inter-governmentally agreed agenda with tangible targets on the global development of information and communication technologies, with more than 100 countries setting out their commitments. At the same time, spearheaded the development of the ITU Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 with the ITU’s Independent Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) “express[ing] its support for the excellent and innovative approaches adopted”.

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