Dr. Mohamed Tayeb Mahmood
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Dr. Mohamed Tayeb Mahmood is a consultant in the areas of strategic planning, excellence, quality, ICT and teaching & learning. His experience spans over the regulations and management of telecommunications and related information technology fields. Dr. Mohamed has achieved notable success in both academic arena and professionally during his experience of around 20 years at various organizations  including the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain (TRA). At TRA he served in multiple managerial and executive positions; the last one was a Strategy and Projects Management Advisor to the General Director.

He is an active researcher and has numerous academic publications in the areas of e-government governance, digital transformation of government and public administration. 

Selected Achievements / Experiences:

  • Arab Regional ICT ecosystem GAP analysis (ITU Arab Regional Office):
    The project provided the Arab Regional Office of the ITU with an overview of the regional needs to support in planning purposes as well as identification of requirements at both national and regional levels for Arab States to support a dynamic digital economy.

  • Technical and Operations Director at Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of  Bahrain:
    for around 8 years, led, planned, and directed technical and operational activities to introduce new ICT technologies and practices into the kingdom’s market.

  • Advisor to the General Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Bahrain: for around 2 years, collaborated on creating, communicating, executing and sustaining the TRA’s strategic plan.

  • Research:
    “Does Digital Transformation of Government Lead to Enhanced Citizens’ Trust and Confidence in Government?” The research offers multiple policy implications and theoretical contributions, helping to understand how digital transformation of government can enhance citizens’ trust and confidence in government, improve government-to-citizen relationship, and enhance the levels of e-participation as well as adoption of digital services offered by governments.

  • Qualifications:

  • Philosophy Doctorate in Management Studies (Ph.D.), Brunel Business School - Brunel University London (UK)

  • International Diploma in Management, Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

  • Master in Internet Technology, Aston University, Birmingham (UK)

  • Bachelor in Computer Science, University of Bahrain

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